CCTV Systems

CCTV systems, also known as Closed Circuit Television systems, are a type of surveillance system that use cameras to monitor and record activity in a specific area or property. These systems are commonly used for security and surveillance purposes in various settings such as homes, businesses, public spaces, and government facilities.

A CCTV system typically includes the following components:


CCTV systems consist of cameras that capture and record video footage. These cameras can be fixed in a specific direction or can be equipped with pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) capabilities to cover a wider area.

Video Recorder:

The video recorder is the central device that captures and stores the video footage from the cameras. There are different types of video recorders, including Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) and Network Video Recorders (NVRs), which can store the footage locally or on a networked storage device.


Monitors are used to display live or recorded video footage from the CCTV cameras. They are typically located at a central monitoring station or at various points where real-time surveillance is required.

Cables and Wiring:

CCTV systems require cables and wiring to connect the cameras to the video recorder and power source. The type and length of cables depend on the distance between the cameras and the video recorder.

Power Supply:

Cameras and video recorders require power to operate. Power supply units or PoE (Power over Ethernet) switches are used to provide power to the cameras and video recorders.


The recorded video footage is stored either on the device itself (DVR or NVR) or on external storage drives. This allows for archiving and reviewing the footage when needed.

Remote Access:

Many CCTV systems offer remote access capabilities, allowing users to view live or recorded video footage from the cameras using a computer, smartphone, or tablet. This enables monitoring and management of the CCTV system from anywhere with an internet connection.

CCTV systems are an effective means of enhancing security, providing deterrence against crime, monitoring activities, and providing evidence in case of incidents. The technology has advanced significantly, with features such as high-resolution cameras, night vision, motion detection, facial recognition, and advanced analytics, making CCTV systems more versatile and efficient in various surveillance applications.
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